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Wheels for Piotr from

Today I finished a nice set of the wheels for Piotr, who's passion is bikepacking and adventures on the bike. 
Piotr is running the portal where he documents his trips and bikepacking gear reviews.

Wheels I made for Piotr are quite interesting. The objective was to make wallet friendly, solid set of 29er wheels which would be able to carry on all that equipment packed on the bike.
For the build I used DT Swiss E512 rims, Miche XM50 hubs and DT Swiss Competition black spokes with brass black nipples.

Rims are well known and popular. They are not too heavy, 25mm wide internally and pretty robust. 
What is interesting in this build are the hubs. I really appreciate Miche products as they are well thought, well build and have good geometry. These XM50 have high flange so it allows to use a bit shorter spokes. With proper geometry they allow to build a stiff wheels even if the rim is without offset. 

The weight of the wheels is front: 976g and rear: 1123g


As usual for MTB wheels I laced the spokes by making leading spokes heads in. I believe this type of lacing is the best for large disc brakes and heavy torque they create on MTB bike. Also in case of chain drop which happens on mountain type of ride the chance to damage the spokes is way smaller than in case of opposite lacing.

KOWA spoke machine allows me to cut spokes to the perfect lenght... precision, precision and one more time precision...

I also spend lot of time to lay the spokes correctly, release the tension so 120kgf is a real value and won't be dropped after the first ride. See below how the spoke elbow sits on the flange. This is how it should be.

Since wheels will travel to UK I packed them properly and prepared for shipment

Piotr, enjoy those beauties, have a safe rides and good luck with your adventures ;-)


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