poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017

Affordable road wheels for mountain climbing and fast descends...

One of my cycling buddies asked me to build a good pair of wheels for him which would be light, stiff, perfect for long climbing in the saddle and would not break the bank

Sounds familiar? ;-)

After some research we decided that the set will be build based from:
  • Ryde sprint rims (20/24H), 
  • Novatec x-light hubs (white), 
  • CN aero 424 spokes and alu nipples

Set will be around 1300g and 450CHF price tag

Sneak peak preview of rear wheel:

Blackcat wheels - logo ;-)

First version of logo arrived ;-) feeling so proud!

This is the small one which will go on hubs and in some cases rims if they are labeled already

The other version, long which will go among the rim is still work in progress. Hopefully it will be ready by end of April. 

That should solve the often dilemma of the customers who don't really like OEM 'naked' rims


sobota, 11 marca 2017

Kinlin rims

It's been more than few times when people are asking about Kinlin rims and why I'm using them in my wheels.

The brand is not so well known in the consumer world, however it's one of the most appreciated brands in wheel builders space

H plus Son 42mm wheels

Today one of my favorite wheels found a new owner. 

środa, 8 marca 2017

About me

So... since you came to this post it means that either you're looking for good pair of wheels or you simply enjoy my photos and scenery... anyhow it would be good if you'd know a bit about me ;-)

First of all I love riding my bikes, not a surprise hugh?. 
I use every single, little and big occasion to hop on my bike and enjoy the ride. 

The place where I live - Swiss Alps - is very tempting and  it's just perfect for cycling. 

 However it's not always easy to find a free moment as working @ one of the biggest corporation in the world and being father of two small and demanding kids is already an interesting challenge :-)

I'm using two steel bikes which I own and built by myself: 

Ritchey Logic

Cotic X

I love road cycling and adore gravel/adventure. 

I'm writing that so I want let you know that apart of 'normal' cycling I'm also testing and ridding wheels that I build. 
I really like and want to get familiar with all those new types of rims, hubs and spokes I introduce to my builds, so I have full confidence in my products. 

More about those things a bit later.


sobota, 4 marca 2017


Hello world ;-)

First of all, welcome to my 2in1 blog & page.
This will be my testimonial, the place where I'll be describing my cycling adventures including wheels builds.
I hope you will find here an inspiration for cycling, answer to your questions, mainly around wheels and much more than that.
So take a cup of good coffee and enjoy the reading