Road wheels

Here are couple of wheels examples which I built in the past. You can use that as reference for your build or you can let me know what are you looking for and I will design your new wheels from the scratch.
Feel free to check also the on-line shop. You will find there all actual wheels, components and prices. 

1. Carbon wheels 
Carbon is popular. It's light, fast and sexy. Using proper and high end components, carbon road wheels with traditional rim brakes can be as safe as aluminum wheels even in high mountains.
I'm using three main suppliers for carbon rims: Duke (France), Gigantex (Taiwan) and third one (China) who makes premium rims using latest carbon+graphene mold with textured brake surface.
All rims were tested by myself in Swiss Alps for about a year of riding in all conditions. 
Standard carbon clincher with basalt braking surface
Rims with high heat resistance. Light, stiff with basalt braking surface. Working very well with Swiss stop black prince pads. Ideal for flat and mixed terrain. Dedicate for people who do not ride in the rain or people who don't brake that often. Braking modulation is perfect in dry and medium in wet.

Set of 38mm profile with bitex RAF10/RAR9 hubs and sapim cx-ray spokes shows 1480g on scale without rim tape.

Price starts from 650 CHF depending on configuration

Duke racing rims
Excellent and premium rims. Basalt braking surface with raw carbon and dedicated brake pads improves braking in dry and wet. I'm building those rims usually with high-end hubs such as Industry 9 or Chris King. In such setups those wheels are really performing like a dream.
Price starts from 1200 CHF depending on the configuration.


Carbon rims with graphene and textured brake surface
Latest generation of carbon technology - mix of toray T700 with T800 and graphene which allows to distribute heat across whole rim. In addition the textured brake surface improves significantly braking in wet. My experience with those is excellent. Fast descent from Grimsel pass in full rain was a pure pleasure. Braking was as good as in dry using Swiss stop black prince pads.
Price tag is 800 CHF and above, depending on the configuration.

All above rims come in clincher and tubular option. Depending on hub design I also use asymmetric version of those rims for rear wheels.

2. Aluminum wheels
Looking at aluminum rims, my favorite supplier is Kinlin. Absolutely excellent rims used widely by big brands. Wide, semi-deep, stiff and light. All those attributes allow me to build very strong and solid wheels with reasonable prices.

Kinlin XR300
Price attractive, designed for daily usage and occasional racing. Semi aero wheels based on Kinlin XR300 rims and Novatec hubs. Reasonable weight of 1490g with excellent price tag starting from 350 CHF makes them very interesting option.

Kinlin XR31T
The most popular offer from Kinlin. Semi aero (31mm deep) with 24mm outer width and good weight available in disc/rim brake and clincher/tubular versions. These are my number one in terms of price/ratio from aluminum range. I did many builds using those paired with wide range of hubs from budget to super premium ones like Soul-Kozak.
Rims and wheels are ideal for road and gravel/cx usage.

Price starts from 350CHF depending on the configuration.

DT Swiss
Another rim supplier which I often use is DT Swiss. Here the portfolio of the rims is well known so the choice depends on the rider's needs.

3. Ceramic wheels
So far there are only two true options of ceramic rims/wheels in the market: DT Swiss Oxic and Boyd cycling. DT Swiss sells the whole wheels only so if you're looking for custom build, Boyd is your way.
One of the best rims I know. Superb finish makes them a dream build. Long lasting ceramic coating won't fail you in any conditions. Those rims will allow you to ride in the rain without any fear.

Price starts from 610 CHF, depending on the configuration. Example of such build here

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