niedziela, 29 października 2017

Roval wheels rescue

Nic came to me recently with his nice Roval wheels. After closer look we found the following:

Obviously those wheels should not be ridden anymore, especially the front one.
Browsing the net and some forums I learned that this is not a single case. This was/is the common problem with Roval wheels and rims were cracking even during warranty period.

Now, fixing those after warranty is a challenge as the hubs are not standard, spokes have internal nipples and rear has triplet lacing. Due to that most of the people are trashing those wheels completely as wheel builders and shops are not willing to fix it.

Since the hubs are in a perfect shape and they have ceramic bearings it would be a pity to trash those so I took the challenge and accepted the job.

After measuring the hubs and doing some calculations I ordered the parts - new spokes, nipples and rims. Malcolm from was very helpful and advised the proper rims - BORG31 known as Kinlin XR31T.

Front is done. Wheel is properly build with right tension. Very stiff and only 30g heavier vs oryginal. Taking into consideration the wider and deeper rim I find that as satisfactory result.

 Small 'custom job' touch - two nipples next to valve are red in order to match the hub

Now, time to take the rear wheel on the workshop table - tbc.