niedziela, 20 maja 2018

Slow, crazy ride

Sometimes, or in my case very often, the planned rides do not go according the plan. The Saturday's loop supposed to be a slow, endurance ride... until I met the LCT team during the descend from Les Mosses ;-)

poniedziałek, 14 maja 2018

Soul-Kozak hubs - truly first and patented magnetic hubs!

Cycling market is constantly evolving. New technology allows to achieve much stronger & lighter products than ever before.
In the wheel building world we have an era of carbon rims, aero spokes and super light hubs. 
Talking specifically about hubs the overall construction didn't change since a decade where we have two leading systems, classical pawls and ratchet. This is what most of us think... but is that really the case? 
In order to find out, read more to meet the brilliant magnetic hubs from Soul-Kozak.

czwartek, 10 maja 2018

Powertap GS build for Grzegorz

My most recent build was for Grzegorz, who was looking to rebuild his wheels. His rear wheel was bit damaged so it was good opportunity to get a new rims, spokes and re-use powertap hub.
Simple task I thought... but was it so simple? Read more to learn the whole story.

czwartek, 3 maja 2018

Dura Ace EX HF-7261 build for Tom

Restoring or rebuilding the wheels based on classy hubs is always a nice change from every day-modern builds.
Very often such builds bring additional challenges as lack of documentation, dimensions and troubles to calculate the proper spoke lengths. Many people I know avoid such work as it's time consuming and sometimes not worth to take it.

However if the customer brings classy Dura Ace EX hubs the story is completely different...