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Alternative for carbon clinchers

For those who're not a big fan of carbon clinchers and still looking for semi-aero and light wheelset, this set should be on the list.
1531g, 31mm deep rims, straight pull spokes and DT Swiss 240 hubs - wheels for Bartek.

Bartek was looking for alu clinchers which would give a bit of aero benefits and support ride with the constant speed. 
There are not too many rims on the market which would tick all the boxes such as:
  • high profile rim
  • reasonable weight
  • reasonable price
  • wide and suitable for 25mm tires
The one which I know and I often use is Kinlin XR31-T. This rim is super popular and used by many, many other big brands who make simple re-branding and sell with double or even triple price. It meets all current trends running 19mm inner width, 26mm outer width and 31mm height. It is also tubuless compatible and comes with the 3mm offset version. The weight is ~475g. Kinlin makes it with rim brake or disc brake option. 
Disc brake version is really beautiful. You can find one of my builds using that rim here

For Bartek I made the rim brake version using:
  • DT Swiss 240 hubs
  • Sapim CX-Ray straight pull spokes
  • Front rim 20h symetric
  • Rear rim 24h assymetric
  • 14mm alu nipples
Such setup allowed me to achieve 1531g of total weight.

Wheels look very nice and SP spokes gives a clean build look.

I won't hide that I'm not a big fan of SP spokes but I must admit that the build using those goes much faster than with J-bend spokes. The key for SP spokes is to tension them correctly to avoid spoke rotation issue. 
For that I use calibrated tensiometer which shows me the true tension values. The tool which I'm using for calibration is described here
Also the spoke heads are treated with Park Tool compound for carbon and alu assembly. Spoke threads are treated with Spoke Prep compound from Wheel Smith. All that gives the assurance that spokes won't rotate due to vibrations from the rides.

Last but not least, Bartek wanted to have a designated nick name on his wheels so I used black vinyl for "Blackcat wheels" logo and grey one for MITMAN decal. 

All that with reasonable price of 739 CHF makes those wheels very interesting solution for all rounders set.
Wheels are available in my shop

If someone would like to go below 1530g then using Soul-Kozak road hubs such set would weight 1460g.

Bartek, enjoy your new hoops. Ride safe!

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